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Important Announcement from your WNCJF Board of Directors

As of June 30, 2019, the Western North Carolina Jewish Federation (WNCJF) based in Asheville, NC will phase out its annual campaign and the major part of its community services. The WNCJF operates with a volunteer Board along with a paid part-time administrator, serving Asheville and surrounding areas.

The WNCJF Board of Directors has been meeting for several months to discuss various options regarding the continuing operations of the WNCJF and its ability to sustain itself. On February 5, 2019, the Board voted to cease administering and managing the WNCJF’s Annual Campaign.  The WNCJF will collect its pledges made for the 2019 annual campaign and conduct its normal allocations process by the end of May 2019.

Several reasons prompted this difficult decision. In the wake of consultant-facilitated community meetings and other activities in the last two years, the absence of new Board leadership and a clear succession plan, sustainability, and growth for WNCJF is difficult.

Over the past several years the total funds collected annually have been declining.  The cost of running the organization became difficult due to annual organizational expenses becoming a higher percentage of the total revenues generated by the campaigns. On the positive side, the major recipients of funds collected have been able to create strong and effective campaigns using their own development plans.

Going forward, donations from the public or from current donors through the website, or from foundations and trusts will be received and distributed in January of each year. All donations not earmarked to a locally sanctioned Jewish agency will go to a General Fund which will support the community’s Keren Ami Fund. The Keren Ami Fund is a community emergency fund dedicated to providing assistance to Jewish individuals and families with temporary needs for rent, utilities and other financial emergencies and crisis situations.

For over 84 years the Asheville community supported the mission of the WNCJF to harness the collective resources of the Jewish community and direct them to the Jewish needs in the local community.  We appreciate your support over the years, and we hope you will continue to support the organizations for which we have worked.

Additionally, as of February 2019, Jewish life in Western North Carolina is now being supported through the establishment of the Jewish Community Fund for Western North Carolina. This Fund will be administered at the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc. The Fund will support projects that enhance the quality of Jewish life in Western NC. Support includes but is not limited to: start-up programs and projects, new programs within established organizations, anniversaries of special significance to WNC’s Jewish community, and support for critical needs within Western North Carolina’s Jewish Community.

Jewish organizations receiving WNCJF allocations may now apply to the Jewish Community Fund. Please contact Joe Karpen for further information about this fund.

For further information on the closure of the Annual Campaign of the WNCJF please contact Tracy Levi, at administrator@jewishasheville.org.

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